- La travivinta Minecraft servilo por Esperantistoj

Download the world files for EsperaMondo

Why I am shutting down the server

For a long time now, I have been losing interest in both of the things that are foundational to this server: Minecraft and the Esperanto community. As a result of my growing indifference and lack of interest, I have left this server in quite a neglected state, which seems to have driven away most of the playerbase while also leaving the server open to security risks.

I cannot, in good conscience, continue to leave the server in this state, so I am shutting down the Minecraft server and putting the world files up for download. The website will remain up for a few more months; as for the Discord, Telegram, etc., the fate of those servers can be decided on their respective platforms.

If anyone with Linux administration skills wants to fork the server (preferably under a different name; domain names are a PITA to transfer), I will upload some additional configuration and server-related files here in addition to the world saves, but in all honesty I think this server has finally run its course. I have no ill will toward the community; it's just time for me to move on.

- Ver3ndo (@estracxjo#0495)

Unu-ludantaj monddosieroj
(Single-player world saves)

These are the most current world saves for both EsperaMondo I (the *old* server, pre-2017) and EsperaMondo II (the current server). To use the saves in single-player mode, extract the zip file and place the resulting folder into your Minecraft saves folder.

If you want to start afresh and recreate the terrain of EsperaMondo II, open Minecraft 1.13 and generate a new world using the seed "En la mondon venis nova sento"

These saves can also be converted relatively easily for use in multiplayer servers; if anyone wants instructions on how to do this, I might post it at some point, otherwise I'm sure an internet search would be useful.

EsperaMondo en aliaj platformoj

Se vi havas problemon en la servilo, aŭ se vi havas suĝestojn, skribu retpoŝton al la servilestro ĉi tie:
retposxto.esperamondo (ĉe)

La retnom-specifa retpoŝtadreso (retposxto ĉe bedaŭrinde ne plu funkcias; bonvolu ne plu sendi retpoŝton tien.

Ĉi tiu paĝo estis laste modifita je la 20a de Novembro, 2022.